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We have an integration running with ZoomInfo which is working well.


A small niggle - new contacts generated through the integration pick up a contact owner that defaults to the person who set up the integration - in our case, an external consultant. Not ideal. Anyone know how we could reset this to default to one of our marketing team? (without reinstalling the integration. I'm doing it with an automation at the moment.





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Hi @PBaxter,


This is HubSpot default to set contact owner as person who sets up integration. However, there is a workaround by which we can change the contact owner (without reinstalling the integration). You can achieve this by creating a workflow, enrolling those contacts that came in HubSpot through Zoominfo, and then change contact owner to the person you want. Here is a screenshot to help you:




I hope that helps, but I'm open to talk through this further with you!



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Hi @PBaxter ,

Right, what I would recommend we do here is:


(1) Check if it's possible to set a contact owner on Zoominfo so that when contacts synced over, they will go to respective contact owner instead of default


(2) If that don't work, we can create a workflow to change contact owner tagged to the external consultant to your own team


(3) lastly, another way is to set up the zoom integration again, this time by a user within your company instead of the external consultant

Hope this helps!

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