Create lead not case in Salesforce from HubSpot form submission

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We have a contact us form on our site and we want every time someone submits it and they select a certain reason for contact for them to be created Salesforce as a lead. Right now, they are created as a case. We have a sync with Salesforce list and I one of the criteria on there to be if the contact selected this certain reason, for them to be synced.

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Hi @MarketingMax 


My current understanding is that HubSpot's native integrator can only sync HS Contacts to SFDC Leads and Contacts. Form submissions can be logged as tasks on the SFDC objects. But I'm not familiar with Salesforce cases or sure how they are being created in your scenario. 

Are you using HubSpot's native integration only?


Regarding your inclusion list, it sounds like you've set it up correctly - if a contact selects the correct reason, they will be added to the list and start syncing. One thing I would suggest you be wary of is if the reason field could be overwritten by subsequent submissions the contact might come of the inclusion list and stop synchronising. 

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Hi @Phil_Vallender ,


Appreciate the reply! I think I may have found the issue with the cases, they are created when someone sends an email to a support inbox.


But I just want to confirm something with you because it was a little unclear in your reply -- when a contact fills out a HubSpot form and selects a certain reason for contact, I have that reason for contact as part of the criteria for our Sync With Salesforce list. I'm confident that is set up correctly, I just want to confirm that the contact will be created as a LEAD in Salesforce, not a task on the SFDC object?


Thanks so much,


- Max

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HubSpot has required de-duplication features which will not allow you to create a new Salesforce lead for every form submission in HubSpot. You will need to do some customization in Salesforce to allow for this.


For example, you can map a custom field from HubSpot to Salesforce for the recent form submission (form name or date/time). Then you can use a Salesforce workflow to create the new lead based on the form submission field mapping. This is probably the simplest workaround that offers you the control over when to create the new leads in Salesforce.

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