Considering a move from Hubspot CRM to SFDC - Any Hubspot Automation Limitations?

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My account management team is push hard to move to the SFDC CRM away from Hubspot CRM. I understand the reasons and pros/cons. What I'm concerned about are any Hubspot Marketing Automation limits that may exist by moving to SFDC.


Can anyone share if there are any limitations and what the important limitations are? I just want to make sure we go into this eyes wide open.

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Hi @jwindrow  We could proably advise you better if you could provide some context. Are there any specific limitations you are concened about? The HubSpot Marketing platofrm and SFDC were linked together for many years prior to the development of the HubSpot CRM (many still prefer SFDC as it allows for more granularity and reporting), so marketing limitations should be minimal.


If you could address any specific limitations that are of concern, myself or the community would be happy to address them.



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