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My company is planning to start offering paid online in-real-time training. As the company does not have a customer database, I am in the process of setting them up with a CRM in HubSpot. 


My colleagues would like to offer the paid online training in Zoom Meetings (not Webinar), as the breakout rooms capability is required (and Zoom Meetings will suffice for the training offerings). The company is going to be using Squarespace for its website, so that is another option for tool to use. 


It seems like a developed integration is only possible between HubSpot and Zoom Webinars, not Zoom Meetings (maybe I'll look for an Idea for this and create one if I can't find one). 


This is what I would like to achieve:

  • I want users to submit contact details and pay by credit card or debit card for a Zoom Meeting training session.
  • I want the user to be registered in the Zoom meeting.
  • I want this information about training registration recorded to the contact in HubSpot.


I am thinking about using Zapier as it is possible for:

New Form Submission in HubSpot and that triggers Zapier to do the action of Create Meeting Registrant in Zoom --> but this is missing payment 


I could also:

Create form in Squarespace with payment, have the form connected into HubSpot and then once HubSpot form submission received, use Zapier to create meeting registrant in Zoom. 


I want the process to be smooth and seamless as possible. The above options seems clunky. Wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to accomplish what I would like to do?


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