Clio and HubSpot? (client manangement for lawyers)


Does anyone here use Clio with HubSpot? I'm curious whether you're using PieSync, or Zapier, or another tool?

I'm thinking about connecting them so that when a contact is converted in HubSpot, the Clio contacts and matter are generated automatically, but I'd like to see some ways that this has been done successfully.


Thanks in advance!

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Hello @KrisClinton!

@kembe posted an idea Clio a couple years back.  Not sure if they are still around...

I am going to move this post over to the Marketing Integrations board.  I think you will get more traction over there

@thesnappingdog , @danielruby , @Alex_  any of you have thoughts on this topic?




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A firm I'm working with is investigating this as well.
From what I've uncovered, the integration is conducted via Piesync or Zapier. You can move contacts from HS to Clio via a specific trigger and said trigger can automatically create a Matter according to the Clio Sales Engineer I met with.
Also, they seemed confident that any Matters created in Clio could trigger a HS deal to be created as well.
Some of the tricky notes will come in if you need to report on revenue in HS through money collected via Clio.
I'm waiting for more information soon and will update this thread when I have it.

Good luck!