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Does anyone integrate Clio *Grow* with their HubSpot account? Our law firm client uses both Clio Manage and Grow, and we're happy to see that Manage is now included in the Data Sync app directory. However, sending contacts from Grow to HubSpot to be included in Marketing campaigns has proven to be a lot more difficult, mainly because there are very few apps that actually integrate with Clio Grow.


Currently we're doing the following:

1. Admin at law firm determines if someone is a good candidate for marketing nurture campaign, manually adds them to a specific Matter Pipeline with a specific tag

2. Mailchimp integration syncs all the tagged contacts from Clio into Mailchimp

3. Using Zapier, HubSpot syncs all contacts from Mailchimp into specific list in HubSpot 

4. When a contact appears in Clio Manage, that means they have signed a retainer and they're then added to a specific list which is suppressed from all marketing nurture campaigns


Would love to hear how others are getting along with the Clio Grow app and try to simplify and automate this crazy complicated process wherever possible! 

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Hi @katherineladue 


Thank you for reaching out!


Wondering if some of our experts have used Clio Grow - @Josh @Mike_Eastwood did you come across this app before? also tagging @C_Drey @DavidJEbner it looks like you both may be using the Clio Grow app - do you have anything to share with @katherineladue on this? 


Thank you!



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