Can you send an event to Google Analytics from a Form or Workflow ?


We want to send an Event ping to our Google Analytics whenever somebody fills out a certain form (in the current case, a book-a-meeting one). The Analytics Amplifier integration is not suitable for our needs.


I tried creating a webhook triggered in a Workflow, which looks like this :

The hook fails and I get the following error response :


413. That’s an error.
Your client issued a request that was too large. That’s all we know.



Is there another way to send an event to Google Analytics ? My book-a-meeting form is on a separate landing page so I don't know that I can embed the Analytics tracking script on it.


Does anyone have experience with that ?

Thank you !

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Hello @LeKevoid,


I will be tagging some top experts on this conversation @Simplii , @Joe-Kelp @IsaacTakushi, would you be able to share your thoughts with @LeKevoid?


Thank you!



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If you're about to track offline sales and/or offline conversions in GA, the CID field is by far not a single one you need to track to bypass GA filter as well as to send a proper GEO of a user, not a server. We use our own developement - GTM tag to track all the needed dats and inject them as a hidden Non HubSpot form fields, that can still be tracked by HubSpot. The rest is done by a connector (Zapier dosn't do this preperly).