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Can't delete or edit scheduled emails

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Hi there.


Since last week when a new update kicked in and moved all the scheduled emails from the Gmail Drafts folder to a new Scheduled folder, I'm having issues with hubspot.


I can't delete the scheduled emails or even edit them. When I click on the Gmail Scheduled Email folder it takes me to an external page and I only have two options there: one to preview the scheduled email and the second to the delete it. However, I can't even delete it, as it says I'm not allowed to do it.


Any ideas why this is happening?


So, how can I edit the scheduled emails, if I spot something is wrong, and how can I cancel the scheduled emails or change the sent out time?


It was so much easier and trouble free before. 



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I have noticed the same thing. This "feature" is very much half-baked. Having it in drafts seemed always a bit buggy and often cancelled the schedule and re-scheduled, but at least I could edit it. Having a "preview" of a scheduled email without an option to edit it, is not particularly useful. I can't even add or remove a recipient.


This feature went from bad to worse. 


Any Hubspotler working on this feature, please have a look MixMax to see how it should work. 

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We really do need an edit on scheduled emails!


See MixMax! https://mixmax.com/perfect-timing-with-scheduled-emails/

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I also realised the scheduled e-mails don't appear anymore in the sent emails in Gmail... it makes things quite complicated when we need to do a follow-up !

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I would suggest upvoting this idea post if you'd like to see this feature added - https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Would-love-quot-Edit-quot-option-for-scheduled-emails...

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The recommended idea post doesn't match my issue: the scheduled e-mails don't appear anymore in the sent emails in Gmail... it makes things quite complicated when we need to do a follow-up !

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I agree this is a huge problem! I schedule dozens of emails at night for sales the next day depending on time zones. Really need a way to edit them. 

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Before the update we could this easily. Now it's gone.

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I can't even delete the scheduled email at all. Now my client is going to recieve an email that was not meant for them to recieve! This is a huge problem! When I click delete it is still there and won't go away!! Please respond ASAP!

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One of the underlying problems with email and Hubspot is that they rely on bcc to log emails instead of a native imap integration. Other competitors mostly use native imap and sync seemlessly. That way you can easily also create drafts, edit emails etc. I think hubspot has developed themselves into a corner they have problems getting out of..


You should expect the following from any CRM in 2019:


- save drafts

- edit emails (reschedule, edit text, edit anything)

- send email to lists

- full sync of emails in/out using imap ( flagged this to management 3 years ago. seems little has happened).

- outbound and inbound calls in the browser (not just outbound).

- localization that works (now swedish localization of dates and numbers also mix swedish words with english in descriptions and headings etc.. very strange)



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I am a new user and this is essential for us to stick with Hubspot. We must be able to delete or edit scheduled emails!

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This is still an issue! Not good at all.


And Im not the only one (after having read replies here) that has emails go missing. I mentioned this in the forum and was told it wasnt an issue!

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I have the same problem and this needs to be fixed

can someone from Hubspot please reply to us.


it is definitely a problem,  must be able to edit a scheduled email.

currently, I have to copy the text,  delete the email and then redo the email.

very time consuming for such a simple matter.

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100% agree with needing to edit scheduled emails. Not being able to do this minimizes the value of scheduling emails in the first place. Please add this feature.

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