Call Tracking Integration that populates Original Source as the true source NOT Offline/ Integration


I'm currently setting up Hubspot Marketing and the business already use CallRail on the website to track inbound website calls. 

While I have no issues with CallRail's tracking features - it tells me if someone came from PPC or organic, the page etc. and it's advanced enough for the volume of calls we recieve. 


However, I've set up the integration into HubSpot and all calls that are created as a new contact end up with the following source information and the actual real source is in the notes: 

Original source: offline 
Drilldown 1: Integration 



When in actual fact, what I want to see and report on is: 

Original source: Paid Search 



Has anyone had this before and overcome it? I see little point in integrating call tracking if it doesn't let you report the lead against the activity that is driving it? Any recommendations of call tracking that integrates better are also welcome! 

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Hi @ElishaDignam 


Thank you for reaching out. 


If the contact was created as a result of a integration then Hubspot will most of the times mark that as offline source as we cannot see the contact behavior from before. That is how the tool is designed at the moment. You can change the source to be something else manually or via a workflow. You have more information as well in the following article: 

Contacts added to HubSpot from an offline source 


I also want to tag some of our experts on this to see if they have any suggestions - @lynton @darynsmith any thoughts to share with @ElishaDignam on this?


Thank you, 


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