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Bug in Call record

I have noticed a bug in the android app.

Sometimes when I call a customer it creates two records for the call.  I suspect it is where there are two tel numbers for the customer ie cell (mobile) and landline.  

If this is the case it also does not show/allow you to identify which number has been called.

Thank you for the app/system.  I have recommended it to  a number of people who have taken it up.  I run a charity and it helps me help a good number of people.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Bug in Call record

Hello @christcan, thank you for the information provided!

I would like to ask what is the current app version being used on your android? When you mention two records calls, meaning duplicated of the same call or one for each number?


I was able to investigate something similar, and currently, HubSpot does not have control over how the phone makes the call, it will trigger android to automatically make a call through whatever line the default one (for the phone) is, and then proceeds to log that. Would that be the current process that is happening on your end?


Thank you,


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