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I would like to add a bot to my pillar content pages among the text. So that after a small info text bot asked "Do you want to learn more about this?" And visitor can choose if she/he want's to read more.

If I have understood correctly, Hubspot chatflow creates only pop up -bots. So is there a way to create in-page bot in HubSpot or is there some easy to use integration that is connected to HubSpot CRM also?


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Hi @RT1 ,

As per my thoughts are that we can only have a constant chatbot in the corner of each page, we cant have the chatbot pop up mid page.

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Hi @RT1,


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by in-page bot. Maybe share an example?


You can create a bot using the HubSpot chat feature that triggers when someone reaches the end of the page. At that point can ask through pre-loaded questions if they want to learn more about the topic and then direct them accordingly based on their answer.


Here is a knowledge article on creating a HubSpot chat bot.   


I hope this helps!



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