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BigCommerce and Unific Integration Abandoned Cart set up

We have an integration with Unific to connect our BigCommerce store and Hubspot accounts. I've been trying to set up the Abandoned Cart emails, and have successfully configured the workflow, but on testing, none of the customer abandoned cart information is actually feeding through in the email. 


All of our products sync from the integration into Hubspot, and am using the Abandoned Cart email module from the Hubspot builder, so at a loss as to why the product info isn't syncing through on the abandoned carts? 


I lodged a support ticket with Unific 4 days now and have had no response, so seeing if anyone else has experienced and knows how to fix? Thanks!

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Guide | Diamond Partner
Guide | Diamond Partner

BigCommerce and Unific Integration Abandoned Cart set up

Hi @KMcKeand ,

There are various "Unific" integrations here in the app marketplace:, 

Which one you are using? As you mentioned, you have successfully set up the workflow in HubSpot. But you're not seeing any customer abandoned cart information feeding through the email - it seems like you might be using personalization tokens.


As mentioned, without actually being able to look into your HubSpot account, I will not be able to identify the cause of the issue here. You can also connect with the support to discuss the query as they can access your account easily. 

Hope this helps!
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BigCommerce and Unific Integration Abandoned Cart set up

Hi @KMcKeand,


Thanks for reaching out! 


I'm not familiar with the Unific Integration and couldn't find a similar thread on the Community, but I'll tag some of our experts on this - @Josh@Bryantworks@Mike_Eastwood@GeorgeBThomas@NicoleSengers - do you have experience building abandoned cart emails and HubSpot products?


Thank you!




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