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Best practice for syncing web form data to Salesforce

When a visitor fills out the contact form on our web site, it sends the data to HubSpot which then passes it through to Salesforce which creates a new lead or updates an existing lead or contact. The Comment field on the form is passed into the Description field in Salesforce. 


The problem is that if the vistor fills in the form more than once, the newer comment will overwrite the older comment when what we really want to do is preserve both comments.


To avoid this problem, I was thinking that we would write the comment to a custom field in Salesforce (e.g. Web Comment), which would kick off a workflow that moves the content of the field to a new Task record and then clear the field. That way, each form submission is stored as a separate task and we can preserve the entire history.


My question is: Is this the best way to handle this? How have other companies dealt with this issue?



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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

Best practice for syncing web form data to Salesforce

@bgottesman - were you able to find a workaround or resolution to this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Best practice for syncing web form data to Salesforce

Hello @bgottesman 


Happy Friday, I will be tagging some top experts to join this conversation @Aakar@lynton@trevorjones71, any suggestions to @bgottesman  matter?


Thank you!


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