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Are you looking for a coupon allocation system?

HubSpot Custom Allocation System


Coupon allocation intro


I've noticed a few requests and ideas to HubSpot for a coupon allocation system and I'm excited to announce that ESM Inbound (HubSpot partner profile here) has created a custom coupon allocation system that works with Hubspot.

Below is a high-level overview of what the custom system does;


  • Import coupons from a CSV file or by adding them straight into the app
  • Create multiple campaigns and assign different coupons to each campaign
  • See the total number of coupons in a campaign including coupons allocated and remaining.
  • View the status of each coupon that has been imported i.e coupon, is Allocated, allocated To, allocated On, redeemed On and action to remove coupon.
  • Add coupon allocation to your HubSpot workflows
  • Create *Redeem Link* for a user 
  • Map coupon information to a HubSpot contact property or custom object
  • Track coupon allocations in Hubspot and report on them so you can highlight frequent coupon users

The system works with HubSpot Starter, Professional and Enterprise


If you would like to discuss your needs further and find out how our system can work for you, please feel free to drop me an email at, or you can book a quick call using my meeting booker

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Are you looking for a coupon allocation system?

Thank you for sharing @Jemma_L !

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