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Add Whatsapp subscription via Workflow

Hi There,


With the native HubSpot-Whatsapp integration we need to opt people into the Whatsapp subscription either:

1. Manually
2. By having them send us a whatsapp message that just says START and nothing else which I doubt any will ever do.

We use a form to ask people how they would like to be contacted and if they select 'Whatsapp' I wanted to use a workflow to add this subscription.

Can anyone recommmend another HubSpot Whatsapp integration that allows the subscription to happen automatically based on a workflow, form submission, custom property, etc.

Many thanks!

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Participant | Platinum Partner

Add Whatsapp subscription via Workflow

Following this post closely. I'm looking for a solution to the same problem. Client has a 22k database. How in heaven will they manually update subscription of all contacts to whatsapp?

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Community Manager

Add Whatsapp subscription via Workflow

Hello @IMatthews thank you for posting in our Community!

I wanted to share this marketplace page with details on other WhatsApp integration available 

And to invite our top experts to share their opinion @HubSpotMaster @PJanakiraman6 @JaninaS any recommendations to @IMatthews matter?


Thank you,


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