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Add Whatsapp subscription via Workflow

Hi There,


With the native HubSpot-Whatsapp integration we need to opt people into the Whatsapp subscription either:

1. Manually
2. By having them send us a whatsapp message that just says START and nothing else which I doubt any will ever do.

We use a form to ask people how they would like to be contacted and if they select 'Whatsapp' I wanted to use a workflow to add this subscription.

Can anyone recommmend another HubSpot Whatsapp integration that allows the subscription to happen automatically based on a workflow, form submission, custom property, etc.

Many thanks!

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Add Whatsapp subscription via Workflow

This is now available through Workflow actions 😍


Add Whatsapp subscription via Workflow


I am updating the post I wrote below (about 30 mins ago) as I have discovered that the Beta (mentioned in my original post) is likely to work correctly. The reason I am encountering the issues I described (the absence of selectable values within a mandatory field) is most likely related to the fact that we have not yet connected the WhatsApp account in our HubSpot account.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do this yet because I'm waiting for the purchasing department to provide me with the SIM card with the new number. It's highly probable that once we connect the WhatsApp account, the Beta will function correctly, and if that's the case, I believe the problem can be considered resolved.



Hello everyone,

has anyone managed to solve the problem related to the inability to manage WhatsApp opt-ins through a workflow?

In my use case, the "reluctance" to use the manual method is not so much due to having a large database but rather because we would like to be able to send a WhatsApp message automatically once a Contact has filled out a form (provided that they have given consent to be contacted via WhatsApp in the form).

The workflow we would like to create is not a "one-time" workflow to mass-update WhatsApp subscriptions for all Contacts. Instead, it's a workflow that, triggered by any form submission, would check through an if/then condition if the Contact has given consent to receive WhatsApp messages, and only if that's the case, it would send a message using a template.

What I've discovered is that a Public Beta has recently been released that should allow workflows to manage WhatsApp subscription types (

However, when I try to use it, I notice that at a certain point in the workflow action settings, I'm asked to fill in the "Communication Subscription Type" field, and there's no value to enter. However, the field is mandatory, so I can't complete the action setting (see attached screenshot).

Has anyone successfully used this Public Beta?



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Add Whatsapp subscription via Workflow

Following this post closely. I'm looking for a solution to the same problem. Client has a 22k database. How in heaven will they manually update subscription of all contacts to whatsapp?

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Add Whatsapp subscription via Workflow

Hello @IMatthews thank you for posting in our Community!

I wanted to share this marketplace page with details on other WhatsApp integration available 

And to invite our top experts to share their opinion @HubSpotMaster @PJanakiraman6 @JaninaS any recommendations to @IMatthews matter?


Thank you,


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