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    • Background: I'm new to HubSpot and trying to get a better understanding of what I can do with the data structure in HubSpot. We have Service Professional with all other modules at the Starter level. Problem: There are multiple areas where I expect to be able to display or use an association or property of an associated object but am unable to do so. This is preventing us from organizing our data in a way that is useful to us and creat more
    • Hello! I need some advice. I am working on a performance media campaign for a local brand that usually does not apply discounts on their products because they are premium and its part of their marketing strategy, positioning. They have received indications from the group and on this campaign, they want to clean their stocks and will have discounts on certain products. What do you thing it can be a suitable strategic approach so that the more
    • I'm seeking opinions on sending a B2B newsletter the Monday before the US Thanksgiving holiday. I figure it could go either way. Everyone is OOO, and it will get lost in their inbox when they return. OR It's a quiet week, and it might be the best time to send an email before everyone is bombarded with emails after the holiday! I would appreciate any comments if you've done this and how it worked out. Or your thoughts on sending it? If not, more
    • I'm being asked to create a "user flow" report. From what I understand, the goal would be to visualize the touchpoints (user sources) that a user goes through between lead and deal. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? We are currently Marketing Hub Professional users. Thank you! more
    • Hi, We have two different websites connected to Hubspot. We have bought the transactional add-on and we use it to send emails from one of the websites. We want to send transactional emails from the other website as well. Is it possible to use the same transactional dedicated IP? If yes, do we need to set up DNS records for the second domain as well? more

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mcfaresamr1 on December 03, 2023
i'm happy to join this community while learning SEO & Content Marketing . i'm actually learning not for my website but to work as a freelancer ,so if any one have advices or ideas to improve my skills in this field i'm gonna be so happy to hear read more
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Hall of Famer | Partner
December 03, 2023
Hi @mcfaresamr1 , SEO is incredibly important for your business and website. There are a lot of great resources which outline the techniques: more
filipg on December 02, 2023
I have a simple workflow adding new deals to a Google Sheet tab in raw format. Then that tab is referenced in a second tab with formatting applied. The problem is that the references do not get updated when a new row is added by HubSpot in the first read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
December 03, 2023
Hi @filipg , How exactly is your second sheet referencing the data sheet? It sounds like this may not be dynamic. An quick way to solve this more
alwaysfabian on December 02, 2023
I for the life of me cannot comprehend pillar pages. Many resources like Hubspot have used examples like content marketing to demonstrate a pillar page, but that's too ambiguous of a topic to understand. I need a simpler example, like a pillar pa read more
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Hall of Famer | Partner
December 03, 2023
Hi @alwaysfabian , Absolutely, let's break down the concept of pillar pages using a simple example related to a blog about cats or more
StevenWrites on December 02, 2023
Hey there, i'm an email copywriter and i was trying to find a solution to this problem. I'm currently taking on a client to write and run their email strategy. I'm wondering what software i can use to succussfully run email campaigns for multiple DT read more
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Jelewin711 on December 02, 2023
I am using whois as a hosting provider and cannot seem to get my domain name connected. I have followed the steps and added the a record cname information and IP addresses with no luck. help.. do I need to forward the domain as read more
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2 Replies
December 03, 2023
I have this as the name  and I get this when I type I lookup  
KKaur7 on December 02, 2023
What is considered a good email open rate in percentage?
1 upvote
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Hall of Famer | Partner
December 02, 2023
Hi @KKaur7 , Mailchimp has benchmarks and data by industry for comparison: more