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    • Hi! Thank you to everyone for helping in advance! Our org recently upgraded to CMS Hub and Marketing Hub Professional and we were excited for the easy drag-and-drop landing page building opportunities. We've run into two primary issues. 1) It looks like a lot of the starter templates are not that customizable and can't be cloned to be edited. Is there one that y'all recommend that is most convenient for non-technical users to customi more
    • We use Hubspot's sequencing ability for our outreach. In order to assure we are not putting our main domain at risk with email deliverability issues, we are considering setting up subdomains for our BDRs to quarantine certain outreach. Have other folks done this? Thank you! more
    • Solve this problem first for 100 points: I have a Ticket related to client X. When the ticket moves to a certain status, a marketing email is sent through a workflow. The marketing email includes a link to an external form that client X needs to fill out (the form is not created in Hubspot). Is there a way to embed a unique identifier in the link specific to client X? more
    • I have an email that will change depending on which list the contact is a member of which has been easy and works a treat. However, I have run into an issue where the contact could be a member of multiple lists and so the smart module may not choose the correct list. Is there a way to get the smart module to choose a contact membership by most recent or is there any kind of customisation available there? Thank you very much in advance! more
    • Hi there, for our Hubspot Lead Scoring, we want to give points to prospects who sign up and attend our Zoom webinars. For every additional webinar they sign up to and attend (two different events), they should receive extra points. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Lukas more

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FPerales on September 23, 2023
Hey there, I am here searching for how we make the content startegy & SEO for my website. Currently I am working on one of my website How To Use alight motion application I want to make the content strategy & SEO for my website. How can I read more
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Hall of Famer | Partner
September 23, 2023
Hi @FPerales , HubSpot has a a free course on this topic exactly: Content Strategy Course: Learn How to Create a Successful Content Strategy more
SUbhare on September 23, 2023
Which is the best cost-effective email marketing tool that is easy to learn and automate
TomP1 on September 23, 2023
Well I created my content and made it searchable and relatable and it yielded good results..nice one I must say
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MBradford22 on September 22, 2023
I'm trying to make my header be full width in Thrifty. I want the main section of the header to have a white background, but I'm trying to put a small section above that with a different color. When I do that, because it's not full width, it just lo read more
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September 23, 2023
To create a header with a full-width white background and a small section above it with a different color in Thrifty, you'll need to use some CSS more
asiaferguson on September 22, 2023
Hello - Recently, one of our clients consolidated multiple Hubspot accounts into 1 single Hubspot account and now email health has plumeted. Each of the original Hubspot accounts were for different brands. Each with their own list of contacts a read more
Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
September 22, 2023
@asiaferguson ah, yes, that definitely explains it - the email health is now combined across all 4 brands. All the more reason to make sure more
SSulzner on September 22, 2023
All the information I could find was outdated. I am trying to generate a report on all orders with a certain line item. The line item property isn't available for me in any reports, filtering, etc.
Hall of Famer | Partner
September 22, 2023
Hi @SSulzner , Just to confirm, when you navigate to Menu > Reports > Reports > Create report > Custom report builder, you're not more