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    • Just wondering if anyone has been able to set up how to send personalised thank you for signing up to our mailing system email? Is there a way in HubSpot for this to work instead of just having a thank you on the screen after a customer has filled out the form? Thank you! more
    • Hello, I have done an optimization scan on my webpages and it says my home page has six H1 tags, and my other pages two H1 tags. It seems related to the number of sections/modules on the page. Is there anyway to edit the sections to change the H1 tags of the non-header section to H2 tags? I've worked on this for several hours and have not found anything that has cleared the issue. Thanks! more
    • I need to send a Slack notification and do a few actions each time a form is submitted. I need this to happen even when the same contact submits a form again (they forgot o include details, etc.). I have re-enrollment switched on: I have tens of submissions They don't get enrolled the second time when they fill a form. If I enroll them manually then the workflow runs and I get a Slack notification and all the other actions. Thi more
    • I have a workflow that sends a follow-up email to every contact that downloads something from our website (as a result of filling out a form). If the contact downloads multiple things across a few days, I don't want them receiving the email over and over again - I only want them to receive the f/up email once and then not again for a month. How do I set this up in the workflow please? Thanks, Dwight more
    • Hi! The blog page of my website currently works by hiding/showing posts using JavaScript for each "page" number. I'm trying to convert this to a more useful setup by linking every batch of posts to an actual page so that I can add code for the pagination. Is the blog_page_link function useful for this? How does it exactly work? I've gone through the HubL documentation for it, but I'm still a bit confused about its implementation. Additiona more

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elisestieren on June 09, 2023
Hi there, We have the automation setting that associate contacts with companies turned off. Our CRM is salesforce and at present we do not want Hubspot to create new account records. The only contacts asscociating with companies are salesforce read more
Key Advisor
June 09, 2023
Not with Hubspot. Once you make that connection with Salesforce you should be looking on that end to do the association as that will link up in more
sarajschonfeld on June 09, 2023
I want to make a workflow notifying my sales people (who use Salesforce CRM, not HubSpot) when their contacts have activity. This ideally would include: When they fill out a form When they visit our website When they open/click a marketing em read more
Key Advisor
June 09, 2023
List memberships can be used for re-enrollment. Just make sure to set a timeframe on events that happen so that someone ends up on the list again more
CDouglass on June 09, 2023
Hey Everyone, I'm trying to create a report that shows the number of contacts added by "orginial source 2" with associated deals (this works) however, is there a workaround to put the names of the users instead of the user-id? Love some th read more
FranPiedra on June 09, 2023
Hi community! We are having an issue with the chatflow on Facebook Messenger. One of the steps is a property that has two options (so on the Messenger interface, both options pop up as buttons to select). When you click on one of them, the bot autom read more
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Ryan_G_Thompson on June 09, 2023
Hi, I've recently started using the new CTAs (Beta) to replace our existing hubspot marketing pop-up form. After building the new pop-up, I'm dismayed that it seems completely untrackable in GTM. I've tried using the Hubspot form submiss read more
Community Manager
June 09, 2023
Hello @Ryan_G_Thompson Happy Friday! I want to invite our top experts to this conversation, @Ben_M , and @amwilie any recommendations to more
PietroCalafiore on June 09, 2023
Hi, all. I'm exporting all WFs data on a monthly basis. I noticed that there is a mismatch between the Goal CVR in the Export and the one we can read in Hubspot. The reason is that, while in the export the CVR is "Unique Count of Contact who met th read more
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Community Manager
June 09, 2023
Hello @PietroCalafiore , Happy Friday! Thank you for posting in our Community! I want to invite our top experts to this conversation more