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    • I need to send a Slack notification and do a few actions each time a form is submitted. I need this to happen even when the same contact submits a form again (they forgot o include details, etc.). I have re-enrollment switched on: I have tens of submissions They don't get enrolled the second time when they fill a form. If I enroll them manually then the workflow runs and I get a Slack notification and all the other actions. Thi more
    • Hi, looking for some advice! We've recently encountered a problem where some contacts were emailed more than we would like because they were included in both a marketing workflow and a sales sequence. i.e. marketing ran a campaign to promote a webinar to the same contacts that sales were using sequences to book demos. Does anyone have any advice for how we can prevent this from happening using the system? For example, is there a way that i more
    • Hi! We have a workflow that is triggered when a specific type of call is made. The goal is to set a date stamp in a custom property we created called "Last BRM call". However, we just realized that contacts cannot be re-enrolled in the workflow because HS does not enable re-enrollment trigger for sales activities. Any ideas for a workaround for this? We will definitely need to keep updating this property to the correct last BRM call date. T more
    • I'm looking to create a report to show emails sent, opened, and click totals by email send date and also using the email list as another filter. How can I do this in the custom reporting? more
    • Dear all, We have recently created an email sequence with the purpose to enrich data. It works this way: every person that double opt-in to the newsletter is enrolled in the email sequence. In the first email, there is a call to action that redirects to a form on our website that asks for some information but doesn't ask again for the email. The problem here is that the submissions don't have any contact record associated as we don't ask fo more

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Akbartus on June 02, 2023
Hello! I am new to HubSpot and wanted to know if it is possible to track different users activities , who are signed in under single login and password? Example: We have scientists login page. A scientist can login using the same login and pass read more
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LWheeler4 on June 02, 2023
Is there an integration for Looker Studio that doesn't involve a third party?
Top Contributor | Elite Partner
June 02, 2023
@LWheeler4 Are you asking if there is a native HubSpot integration with Looker Studio? As in, HubSpot provides a Data Sync to Looker Studio more
Nathan_ on June 02, 2023
Hello! Why does HubSpot require URLs to be changed to "" tracking links and not give clients the ability to use their own custom URLs? This has been a source of major headache for our team since it's a business necessity for our custom read more
Contributor | Elite Partner
June 02, 2023
Hi @Nathan_ , Yes, this can be frustrating for your use case. Unfortunately, it is a limitation in HubSpot, but I do know HubSpot is looking more
AIdris-Animas on June 02, 2023
There's need to be able to log an incoming email on the contact record when it comes in. How can this be done so as to get the full email activity logged?
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 02, 2023
Hi @AIdris-Animas , You can use either the forwarding email address or simply reply to the email, using the HubSpot Sales extension or the more
davidlazar on June 02, 2023
I need to send a Slack notification and do a few actions each time a form is submitted. I need this to happen even when the same contact submits a form again (they forgot o include details, etc.). I have re-enrollment switched on: I have t read more
June 02, 2023
Thanks Karsten, your screenshot pointed me in the right direction. I was using the BETA "When an event occurs" trigger with form submission, but more
StefanieGrant on June 02, 2023
Hi, we have just started looking at Marketing for our business and we have set up a few reports for Marketing Attribution..... I set up a report that is for marketing activities, all channels, subscriber to lead status and first interaction. The pro read more
Community Manager
June 02, 2023
Hello @StefanieGrant , Happy Friday! I want to invite our top experts to this conversation @elizheleva @deepikaverma any recommendations for more