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    • If it is your first time creating a campaign, it is strongly recommended to use the new guided campaigns onboarding tour! This option will appear for: New users who have never created a campaign in HubSpot. Existing users if there are no campaigns in the account. The guided onboarding tour will direct you through the steps required to create a new lead generation campaign using a campaign template (the most effici more
    • Hello, I would like to create a nurturing workflow for leads who received our offer 1 month ago and are not ready to buy yet. Was thinking to do this based on deal stage "Offer sent" and name of the deal, but when I've been trying to test this trigger in a list, saw there are no contacts that fit as the deals are associated with companies. Check the snapshot below. What is the best way to do this so my leads will be triggered co more
    • Can you use Datasync to integrate a second instance of Salesforce to one Hubspot account? How would you do this? Or is there any other possible way to do this? I would interested to know if you can integrate separate business units to separate Salesforce accounts... more
    • I want to create a report where I would be able to see the contacts lifecycle stage change but only the contacts who filled a specific form on a webpage. Any suggestion on how to do it? more
    • Hi, I'm trying to program a report to go to a client weekly of all contacts that have reached a score threshold ***within the past week***. Can you please help me figure out which date field I can use to do this? I would like to use the "Added to List Date" field to do this, but I can't seem to call that field into a report! Thanks! Rachel more

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Hi all - Is it possible to create a workflow based on a specific payment link? I basically want a simple workflow that sends an email to a customer who has purchased from a payment link and then cc: 2 internal people on the email so they know it's read more
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