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    • I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to create an automation in the form of adding a contact to a list when they have clicked on a specific link within an email. I can see that I am able to create a list from contacts who have clicked any links in the email, however with my email containing multiple links, I only need the ones clicking on one certain link. I also understand I can view and do this manually, but I would prefer th more
    • I am currently running a webflow website and have embedded a hubspot meeting form on the main page. The div block that shows it is hidden unless a button is clicked so it effectively loads the book a meeting page whenever the full website is loaded. Is that a bad idea (i.e. I won't be able to track who is actually interested in clicking book a call?) Separately, given that this is embedded on the main website, should I still add the hubs more
    • Hi, My question How can I submit data to a HubSpot API endpoint from my website and ensure that it is not spammed? Context I have a website that is NOT hosted with HubSpot and I do NOT want to use the Hubspot JS to create my form. I have followed the API documentation for submitting data to a form. However, it appears that this API does not support reCAPTCHA as per the documentation, "This endpoint does not support reCAPTCHA. more
    • Hi, We're launching a regular internal newsletter sequence to our employee list which is supposed to be updated every so often. I wanted to utilize Hubspot for that (quite similar to this issue long time ago, but the answer there didn't really help) and I have one concern regarding automating the recipient list: HubSpot <> Outlook contacts integration only allows the sync with personal Outlook contacts, while our active Outlook emp more
    • Hi - we are in the process of re-vamping how we track and report on Hubspot campaigns. In the past we've always created a separate campaign for each individual Paid search campaign with a tracking URL and then created one in Salesforce to feed into (sales team uses SF). Right now we have a main Hubspot campaign and we have ads running for this particular campaign (we are also doing email and several other marketing tactics). Is there a way or be more

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salesengineers on March 21, 2023
Hi everyone, We are looking to use webhooks in Hubspot Automations. (This process here) The issue we are running into is that the workflow step does not allow for nested JSON payloads. Has anyone figured out how to do this? Ideally we wan read more
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YAydin on March 21, 2023
Hi, I am using forms to capture leads, however my users aren't filling out the Hubspot forms directly but instead they are filling out a form on our website and I am transfering the data to Hubspot forms via a Zapier integration. What I want to d read more
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JustineGP on March 21, 2023
We are looking for a way to AB test our landing pages and website pages and see the variations generating more customers. The catch ? We only have CTAs on the pages, they are sending contacts to our app. The app is connected to HubSpot. Once read more
CZerbey on March 21, 2023
I sent marketing emails and when exporting the recipient list within the email to see who opened/clicked, I have some folks who have opened the email numerous times. Still, the open duration was 0 (one person appeared to have opened the email 16 tim read more
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March 21, 2023
Actually - one more question. Bot filtering is on in the email - would that not prevent the issue with multiple opens but no duration?
SLongley3 on March 21, 2023
Hi. I'd like to know if anyone has a way of filtering a dashboard beyond the standard filters. Use case - I have a dashboard with a set of 'template' reports. I also have contact lists of contacts who have been influenced by a campaign (by our d read more
Hall of Famer | Partner
March 21, 2023
Hi @SLongley3 , It's not a workaround that would be very responsive but have you considered adding a default list as a filter to every report? more
AChua1 on March 21, 2023
Hi, seeking help for custom code to fix what seems to be a padding issue in both screenshot example : copy alignment in content editor on the left does not seem to be showing in preview on the right