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    • Hey there, Currently, I'm testing Marketing and Sales Enterprise, although we usually use Pro. One of our primary use cases involves reporting on the various trade shows where we have a booth and conduct marketing outreach. Key questions: Are the events generating or influencing revenue? Which outreach actions are effective? To address these questions effectively, I'm examining journey reports and revenue attribution, respectively. These more
    • Hello. We have a worflow that enrolls contacts that meet a specific criteria based on country, then filters them with an if/then branch that is based on whether or not they filled out a form. If they filled it out, they are qualified to be used by one of our partners. Now we need to send the partner an email with the fields of the form that were filled out and the contacts details. One would assume... you could just add an action to send an em more
    • We're trying to set up a registration process for our Zoom Welcome Calls for new customers. These calls are currently held through recurring Zoom meetings on a shared account. The same email account has a Hubspot seat. Currently, we just share a link to this calendar where members can add the calendar view to their calendar and can RSVP to whichever meeting occurrence works best for them. We're trying to increase the number of new more
    • Goal: Understand which contacts consented to receive marketing emails by form. Right now, we can't see if a form was the point at which a contact opted into email marketing, i.e. did they check the box when they filled out THAT form? Issue: Not possible to use the consent checkbox field in a filter for a report or list for a particular form submission. Also, cannot use it in the analytics/sunbmissions section in the form submission page. more
    • By now you've probably got an idea of what AI can do for your content and while its power to boost productivity and help you create more with less is undeniable, how can you then make sure your content is serving its purpose of not only reaching but connecting with your audience? More AI doesn’t always translate to more value, especially for the customer. With so many tools and techniques, it's hard to differentiate what’s nois more

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PamCotton on February 29, 2024
Hey Community After an insightful exploration of optimizing the middle column of CRM records in our last challenge , it's time to dive deeper into the realm of workflows. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, there's read more
Thought Leader
May 03, 2024
Love it! An example I've "developed" a while ago: The honeypot What is it? Technically speaking a honeypot is a extra layer of spam more
TScalese on May 20, 2024
Does anyone know if it is possible to pass information to a workflow from another workflow? I'm trying to set up standard actions that can be used across multiple workflows so that I don't have to keep creating the same branching logic. I want to read more
SColeman9 on May 20, 2024
We have numerous marketing forms but only one seems to populate when I create a contact based list or report to show "Form Name". This property is blank in all cases but one. I've also created a workflow which timestamps a form submission (e.g. demo read more
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TShannon3 on May 20, 2024
I am supporting a client who currently uses Contact Form 7 for lead capture on their Wordpress site. We have their HubSpot tracking code installed which allows form submissions to be tracked in HubSpot CRM. And as stated in this documentation read more
SStoddard on May 20, 2024
We sent out an email over the weekend. For each recipient, Hubspot reports "There was an issue sending an email to this contact. This email wasn’t sent." However, it was. Some of the users have opened the email. Anybody know what's going on? read more
May 20, 2024
Never mind! The issue seems to have resolved itself.
LLPP on May 20, 2024
Is there a way to download all the images i have already save/ created in SFMC to hubspot to use in my marketing emails?
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Community Manager
May 20, 2024
Hey @LLPP , thank you for posting in our Community! You can't directly transfer images from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to HubSpot. more
PRak on May 20, 2024
Hello! I'm having an issue organizing my emails. I set-up folders in the email tool but when I move the emails into their respective folders, they don't show up there. I've waited 24 hours, thinking it just wasn't an instantaneous thing, but they're read more
Most Valuable Member | Elite Partner
May 20, 2024
Hi @PRak happy to help with your question about email folders. Folders are designed to organize active emails, once you archive an email it' more