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    • Hi! We host weekly Zoom webinars and are looking at switching to HubSpot forms to capture registration. This gives us the ability to capture more info on the registrant. Are we best off creating a new form for each webinar or creating 3 forms and rotating the usage? For example: Week 1 Form 1 Week 2 Form 2 Week 3 Form 3 Week 4 Form 1 Week 5 Form 2 ... We typically have 3 webinars listed on our site at a time each for a different wee more
    • Hello! Is it possible to create a list when someone clicks on a specific link in a marketing email? (marketing hub starter) Using the links to track what people are interested in to better reach out to them more
    • Hi everyone, I am currently trying to trigger a workflow based on deal properties (not a deal itself). Currently, the form is housed on due to its customizability and it allows you to create/update deal properties in HubSpot. Is it possible to make deal properties a trigger for workflows? Or would I have to make a data transfer between a contact property and a deal property? Thank you for any help. more
    • Hello! I have a few questions surrounding best practices and tips for Email Marketing, specifically for Opt-in and Opt-out procedures and the like! My org uses Salesforce as a way to keep our client data, but we use Hubspot and integrate the two for marketing to our contacts from Salesforce. My following questions are: 1. Would it be safe to pull a list of SF contacts that aren't already opted out, and mark them as marketing con more
    • HubSpot is more powerful, connected, and customizable than ever before. We’re evolving CMS Hub to Content Hub meaning we are empowering marketers with content tools that go beyond the CMS tools you know and love. Content Hub is a one-stop-shop for creating the newest formats, streamlining content for all channels, and managing everything you need to share your story with the world. Let’s focus on Content Remix ! more

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PamCotton on February 29, 2024
Hey Community After an insightful exploration of optimizing the middle column of CRM records in our last challenge , it's time to dive deeper into the realm of workflows. Whether you're a pro or just getting started, there's read more
June 04, 2024
I've had fun learning about workflows through different courses and of course, through trial and error. So far we haven't done a ton of complicated ' more
EPerea on July 15, 2024
Se elimino la cuenta de WhatsApp Business en el celular para poder realizar la integración con Hubspot. Sin embargo, cuando se intenta hacer la conexión me sale error, que ya esta registrado el número, ya pasaron horas y sigo intentando sin éxito. read more
tverdokhlib1 on July 15, 2024
Hey HubSpotters, I am trying to change the default Unknown contact subscription text, but don't know how to do it, please check the below screenshot:  Does anybody know where can I find the the backup unsubscribe page text and a read more
Community Manager
July 15, 2024
Hey @tverdokhlib1 , thank you for posting in our Community! You can design and customize your email subscription pages to provide a way for more
imatoshvili on July 15, 2024
Hello, I am currently studying Digital Media Planning course on Coursera where there was a link to access Paid Media Template on Hubspot, but once I click to Access now via google sheets, it's written that it's unable to open, can u help me why? cau read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
July 15, 2024
Thanks for your help!
kquickdigital on July 15, 2024
Website Pages: Create and optimize website pages using HubSpot's drag-and-drop editor or by importing existing pages. Utilize SEO tools to improve search engine visibility. Customize and design pages easily, ensuring they are mobil read more
Top Contributor | Partner
July 15, 2024
Hey @kquickdigital Thanks for sharing here is a detailed overview of HubSpot marketing Hub: more
Support_twopir1 on July 15, 2024
I am currently working on optimizing our email marketing campaigns and need some assistance with setting up alerts for specific performance metrics. Here are the key requirements I need help with: High Bounce Rates on Campaign Emails Low Open read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 15, 2024
Hi @Support_twopir1 , As far as I know, this is currently not possible. There aren't any settings or automations for what you're trying to more
TRozman on July 15, 2024
I love the new form creator with multiple pages. HOWEVER - I can't find the logic which was an important part of old one. Any ideas for workarounds or maybe just where to find it.
0 upvote
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Top Contributor | Gold Partner
July 15, 2024
Hi @TRozman , I've stumbled across this as well. I assume that the logic functionality just isn't part of the beta yet. Hopefully, it will be more