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line_item is not displayed

Hi, i need help here, i created a workflow to add a new line_item when a ceratin propertie is known and equal to a specific value. The line is create but not display in the deal used. I show you my code, workflow and some screen to describe my probleme. Thanks for help ! 


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const hubspot = require('@hubspot/api-client');

exports.main = async (event) => {
  const hubspotClient = new hubspot.Client({
    accessToken: process.env.champ_perso_token

  const dealId = event.object.objectId;

  console.log(`Deal ID: ${dealId}`);
  console.log(`Making API call to retrieve deal with ID ${dealId}...`);

  try {
    const dealResults = await, ['shipping_fee']);
    console.log('Deal results:', dealResults);

    let shipping_fee =;

    console.log(`Shipping fee found: ${shipping_fee}`);

    if (shipping_fee === '30') {
      console.log('Making API call to retrieve product...');
      const productId = 1176067770; // ID du produit existant à lier au deal
      const productResults = await hubspotClient.crm.products.basicApi.getById(productId);
      console.log('Product results:', productResults);

      console.log('Creating line item for shipping fee...');

      const properties = {
        quantity: "1",
        price: "30",
        hs_product_id: productId,
        name: "Frais de port"
      const SimplePublicObjectInputForCreate = { properties, associations: [{"to":{"id":`${dealId}`},"types":[{"associationCategory":"HUBSPOT_DEFINED","associationTypeId":20}]}] };

      const apiResponse = await hubspotClient.crm.lineItems.basicApi.create(SimplePublicObjectInputForCreate);
  } catch (error) {
    console.error(`Error retrieving deal: ${error.message}`);


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line_item is not displayed

Hello @LGuillet, thank you for posting in our Community!

I want to invite our top experts, @Jnix284 @franksteiner79 any recommendations to @LGuillet matter?


Thank you,


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line_item is not displayed

@PamCotton Wish I could help on this one, but custom coded workflows are a bit outside of my expertise, maybe @Teun could help @LGuillet or knows someone else who could?

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line_item is not displayed

I'm +1 on @Jnix284 ...

Wouldn't know where to begin with custom coded workflows...



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