is there a way to easily identify workflows with errors in them?

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When a specific property change (example through integration and value no longer exists) which creates an error within a workflow, can we identify workflows that might have these errors easily for quick action to remedy? Currently, you only identify them when you access the workflow which isn't scaleable when you have a large org with MANY workflows you don't access daily.

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Hi there. You might already know this, but you can look to see which property is used in which workflows. Under "Settings --> Propertes," open the specific property you are concerned about and select the "Used In" tab. 




Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to identify only workflows that throw errors. But at least this feature may make them a bit easier to track down. Best wishes!

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I now see this feature available in the workflows which are super cool! BUT it's a bit silly because it shows workflows with contacts who have gone through the workflow and have an error. Which doesn't make sense because it's understood that a lifecycle stage can't go backwards but it triggers the workflow to appear in the list of Error Workflows. This makes it difficult to identify workflows that actually have errors in the physical workflow!  ( we don't want to exclude folks from going through a workflow because of their lifecycle stage and we don't want to create an if/than branch in every workflow that this occurs just to avoid the error.