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BAtanasoski9 on July 04, 2022
Hello. I have a property that is a "Multiple checkboxes" property.I need the number of the values selected, rather than the actual value. Ex. Property called "Country" - USA (selected) - Mexico (NOT selected) - read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 04, 2022 21:27
Hi @BAtanasoski9 , The workflows wouldn't be complicated, they would all be quite simple in fact: Workflow 1: Enroll contact when more
AprylHudson on June 29, 2022
Oh I hope @karstenkoehler is around 😁 My issue is this: I have a person who has used Lead Status as a lead source type of property. We need to utilize Lead status for proper LCS management. So I'm moving Lead status data to a new custom read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 29, 2022 23:29
Hi @AprylHudson , Ah, gotcha. These would be lost, yes, unless you import each historical value one by one. Would it be acceptable to more
larry_bird on June 29, 2022
Hey! I'm currently working on a nurturing sequence where I have one email, followed by my sequence splitting into 4 branches. I want to segment contacts based on the first link they clicked in the first e-mail, then send them into the appropriat read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 29, 2022 12:38
Thank you Karsten, I will try this!
Anicklow on June 29, 2022
hello, I have a list that I was planning to delete out of hubspot. It was an active list and it had over 130,000 contacts in it. Recently, that list dropped down to about 100 contacts. I can't find a way to get the 130,000 contacts back into a read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 29, 2022 06:26
Hi @Anicklow , HubSpot lists don't have a version history. If this is an active list and you haven't changed the criteria, it's most likely more
GHunt5 on June 27, 2022
Is there a way to change what auto updates the Life Cycle Stage?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 27, 2022 10:50
Hi @GHunt5 , Yes, there are some options under Settings > Objects > Contacts > Lifecycle Stage : Best regards! more
AGrande on June 27, 2022
Hi, I would like to generate a report/graph that shows the number of subscribers over time. Is this possible?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 27, 2022 01:17
Hi @AGrande , If your subscribers are in a list, then you can use the list performance tool for this: more
rmoore8 on June 27, 2022
I am currently very stuck on the issue of creating a workflow pipeline for enquiry forms created on HubSpot Pages. I have tried to set a trigger so that when the HubSpot enquiry form is submitted it enrols into the existing workflow that alre read more
0 upvote
6 Replies
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 28, 2022 02:48
Hi @rmoore8 , I can't help you if you don't answer my questions, see my earlier reply below -- Can you please answer these more
keelysaye on June 24, 2022
Is it possible to associate only a select number of companies to contacts without turning on the company associations to all contacts?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 24, 2022 04:00
Hi @keelysaye , If you're referring to the automatic association of contacts and companies , then unfortunately no, this is either on or off more
GHunt5 on June 23, 2022
I have a list with criteria "Recent conversion date" is known and latest source is direct. Does that mean every time the "Recent conversion date" is updated a person will be added to the list or do I need to add the criteria "Recent conversion date' read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 23, 2022 08:20
Hi @GHunt5 , You haven't mentioned any workflow before – contacts would enter the list as soon as they submit a form, yes.
RSpaugh on June 22, 2022
Hi, I turned off some workflows and I'm a new hubspot user and can't figure out how to get it back on easily. Can somebody please help me figure this out? Thanks, Rachel
0 upvote
4 Replies
Hall of Famer | Partner
June 23, 2022 06:52
Hi @RSpaugh , At the very bottom, the very last step, you need to make a change. This workflow is trying to enroll contacts in another more
paauroma on June 22, 2022
Hello everyone, I need to know how many contacts in my database have been terminated in the last 2-3 years. What time parameter can I use to relate this to lead status?
0 upvote
3 Replies
June 22, 2022 03:02
Yes @karstenkoehler , I have difficulties when creating lists of contacts that carry a time rule, i.e. in this particular case, I need to know more
GlennLee on June 21, 2022
Hi Guys, Just wanted to confirm something. We are using a Hubspot Enterprise as a way of re-engaging our users in the acquisition and activation funnels and wish to use Workflows to automate email comms send, whenever a user drops out of these j read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted Solution
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
June 22, 2022 07:09
@GlennLee property changes do trigger workflows in my experience, so I'd agree that it should work. Since you've tested it, I'd say that should more
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