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CPECORARI 5月 29日, 2024
Hello, I created a property "Last contact type" (object company) with the following values : Inbound Call Outbound Call Inbound Email Outbound Email Then, I wanted to create 4 workflows to populate this property: 1 workflow trigger eac 続きを読む
0 いいね!
2 コメント
5月 29日, 2024 12:40
Hi @karstenkoehler , Thanks for this workaround, indeed it can get inaccurate but in my case, it's stil better than nothing. Best,
LCulver 5月 28日, 2024
We are trying to create a list of contacts within Hubspot who have created an account but have never had any contact, inbound or outbound. So, an listed contact in Hubspot created by the customer on our web portal, but whom we have never called, tex 続きを読む
0 いいね!
3 コメント
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
5月 28日, 2024 11:21
@LCulver "Last contacted" does not take into account third-party communication like Sakari. " Last contacted: the last date and time a chat...続きを読む
HJ00 5月 24日, 2024
I want to make the person who created contact to be that contact's contact owner, especially for contacts which were created by mobile iOS or Android. I tried to set this in workflow but there only appears to set contact owner as a specific user. 続きを読む
0 いいね!
4 コメント
Accepted Solution
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
5月 24日, 2024 01:39
Hi @HJ00 , When manually creating a contact in the iOS app, I just double checked, HubSpot defaults the contact owner to the person who is cre...続きを読む
Adrian4444 5月 23日, 2024
Hi, I want to setup the lead score and Ive watched a few youtube videos. Now I just realized that Iam missing the filter type "page view". I can use some sort of information regarding page visits but only through the filter type "contact properti 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
5月 23日, 2024 09:15
Hi @Adrian4444 , That's strange - for me that's showing up just fine between 'Imports' and 'Product properties'. The fastest way to an answer ...続きを読む
Mat_Cal 5月 23日, 2024
Is it possible to create a workflow in HubSpot that performs the following action? When the LEAD STATUS is changed, the workflow must automatically update the LEAD STAGE to a specific stage that I have predefined.
0 いいね!
1 コメント
Accepted Solution
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
5月 23日, 2024 06:54
Hi @Mat_Cal , Assuming that you're referring to the contact lead status and lead object lead stage, yes: You would adjust this...続きを読む
ClementY 5月 22日, 2024
We are trying to setup a workflow to remind internal stakeholders to augment missing contact data. We have several Active lists that populate when certain fields are missing. Once team members have filled in the missing info contacts are automatic 続きを読む
0 いいね!
2 コメント
5月 22日, 2024 11:18
@karstenkoehler This is perfect! thank you.
drafeedie 5月 18日, 2024
We have a Contact > Deal Label that we used to track who referred us the deal. We associate the deal source with the custom lable "referred by." How can we run a list of deals and see any contacts with the 'referred by' label? The idea here i 続きを読む
0 いいね!
3 コメント
Accepted Solution
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
5月 18日, 2024 08:42
@drafeedie lists in will only show each record once, not multiple times. If you're looking for contacts to appear more than once, you'd have ...続きを読む
LBeatty3 5月 17日, 2024
Hello - How do I pull an email list of those who opened any of my emails YTD? (I'm only able to select HB Ideas Board and trying to post in the community.)
0 いいね!
1 コメント
Accepted Solution
5月 18日, 2024 07:47
Hi @LBeatty3 That is easily done by using the "last marketing email" property, see screenshot below: Not sure what you want to u...続きを読む
KStAngel 5月 17日, 2024
Hubspot has all the information it needs to create contact lists of our customers that own a particular product, but currently it is not possible to create a contact list with just these customers. I can create a contact list with customers that 続きを読む
0 いいね!
4 コメント
Accepted Solution
5月 20日, 2024 12:15
I see @KStAngel Have you tried the following: Create a list of deals that meet your criteria: Closed won and associated with product...続きを読む
04534 5月 17日, 2024
We have to have list membership as a filter in single object reports! Companies
0 いいね!
1 コメント
Accepted Solution
5月 18日, 2024 08:24
Hi @04534 This is already possible, see example below. Simply search for list membership in the filter options and then select y...続きを読む
JSamuel85 5月 17日, 2024
Could I set up a workflow in HubSpot that sends the RSVP email prompt only to people who haven't filled in the RSVP form we previously sent, Or something similar?
0 いいね!
1 コメント
Accepted Solution
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
5月 17日, 2024 03:31
Hi @JSamuel85 , Yes, that works 🙂 In a contact-based workflow, you would do the following: Add the send of the first automated email ...続きを読む
hyoungSSP 5月 15日, 2024
I'd like to get feedback on the below. I feel like this is a Hubspot bug but the CS team is saying that this is the correct behavior for a workflow. We have several workflows that handle subscription assignements based on the form that was compl 続きを読む
0 いいね!
5 コメント
Accepted Solution
殿堂入り | Solutions Partner
5月 15日, 2024 10:17
Hi @hyoungSSP , I was referring to the entire workflow actions as well - it's hard to evaluate this workflow without seeing the entire picture...続きを読む



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