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CCurtis0 on April 12, 2024
Hi there, I'm looking to create a workflow, but the contact owner will send out a non-automatic email personalised with a quote form then from that I'm going to start sending out my emails once that has been sent out which will be within a day Beitrag ansehen
3 Antworten
Stratege/Strategin | Partner
April 12, 2024 11:50
Hi @CCurtis0 , You can, what criteria would you want to stop sending the emails? Thanks, Louise Hare she/her ...Beitrag ansehen
aplusclass on April 02, 2024
マーケティングEメールを活用して、より詳細なコンタクトリストを作成したいと思っています。 以下のような絞り込みをしたいと考えているのですが、可能でしょうか? 特定のマーケティングEメールを受信(ないしはこちらが送信)したクライアント 特定のマーケティングEメールを開封したコンタクト マーケティングEメールに添付したドキュメントやリンクをクリックしたコンタクト エンゲージメントの度合いによってコンタクトを絞り込む
Forwrd_AI on März 19, 2024
Question – how do you figure out which of your contacts are most & least engaged? Well, instead of just sorting contacts based on their last activity, let me introduce a smarter approach. Our latest app for HubSpot is here - and it's Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
März 20, 2024 09:07
Yes, for sure. Here's a really cool example of how our users take advantage of this integration: Use case: I mplementing an account sco...Beitrag ansehen
cbuoscio on März 13, 2024
I have multple lists and the contact might be on all the lists but I just want to add the information as I upload. I'm uploading a spreadsheet to update a contact information based on a custom created field (want to add to multiple choice field) Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
März 14, 2024 16:55
IMPORT COLUMN FROM FILEOBJECT TYPEHUBSPOT PROPERTY ERROR TYPE ERROR IMPACT Email Address Contact Email Association record not found 17 assoc...Beitrag ansehen
ABhamra on März 11, 2024
We exhibited an event and we used their scanner tool for all leads. The leads were downloaded to an xls and CSV - however, when I uploaded the 800 leads, only 400 something copied across I didnt have any errors - and I have deleted and tried again Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Accepted Solution
Trendsetter/-in | Diamond Partner
März 11, 2024 11:57
Hi @ABhamra , Are you certain that the other 400 didn't already exist in your database? This seems like the most likely explanation since Hu...Beitrag ansehen
OMorgan2 on Februar 19, 2024
Hello, We're currently struggling with creating segmented lists that can automatically update based on user behavior, such as past purchases or engagement with specific content on our website. How can we set up dynamic lists in HubSpot that a Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
Februar 19, 2024 00:25
Hi @OMorgan2 , The default for HubSpot lists is to behave the way you described. Active lists will constantly look around for contacts that mi...Beitrag ansehen
RDolberg on Februar 13, 2024
Hi All, I am familiar with HubSpot Lists & Workflows for Lead/Contact Segmentation or Scoring. But... Does HubSpot have a way to filter out "Contact Us" submitted forms before regsistred as "Contacts" in HubSpot or not ? Will it requir Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
Februar 13, 2024 10:17
Hi @RDolberg , This depends on how your "Contact us" form is setup. If it's a HubSpot form, then submissions will create new contacts. You can...Beitrag ansehen
BDickson8 on Februar 03, 2024
Hey guys my name is Bradley and I'm struggling with understanding the basics of segmentation, tags and do I go about learning these methods because I've searched everywhere
1 Antwort
Accepted Solution
Koryphäe | Elite Partner
Februar 04, 2024 13:36
Hi @BDickson8 I'm happy to get you pointed in the right direction, there's definitely a lot to understand and wrap your head around! Segment...Beitrag ansehen
NKiryati on Januar 25, 2024
Hey, I have a new issue on hand please help - from the two lists I used for two emails on Sunday, I see there is now a new list created by platform - is this list the eligible to receive marketing emails is the two lists i sent to minus the bounded Beitrag ansehen
8 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
Januar 25, 2024 05:52
@NKiryati yes
JFair on Januar 18, 2024
I am looking for help on how to create a list of those who have never closed a deal with my company. Right now I have the filters set that the contact is associated to any deal and the associated deal has never had the deal stage be any of close Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
Januar 18, 2024 12:26
Hi @JFair , List filters for associated objects always look for the presence of something, not the absence. So simply filtering for anything o...Beitrag ansehen
IHemmingsson on Januar 11, 2024
Hi! I have a list of contacts which are logged in our email. When someone replies to my email I want them to automatically appear as the first stage in "Deals". How do I do this?
1 Antwort
Accepted Solution
Berühmtheit | Partner
Januar 11, 2024 04:57
Hi @IHemmingsson , This would require a Professional subscription and access to workflows: ansehen
StevenWrites on Dezember 02, 2023
Hey there, i'm an email copywriter and i was trying to find a solution to this problem. I'm currently taking on a client to write and run their email strategy. I'm wondering what software i can use to succussfully run email campaigns for multiple DT Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Koryphäe | Elite Partner
Dezember 04, 2023 08:46
@StevenWrites as @BérangèreL mentioned, you're going to need a higher level of HubSpot for this. The more complex the scenario, the more complex ...Beitrag ansehen
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