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For our contact us form, associated companies are created automatically for new contacts (I find this very helpful in most cases). Contacts that meet certain criteria (basically spam), are being added to a static list and we delete them manually on a monthly basis. I don't think we can automate record deletion, can we? 


My main challenge is though how to manage associated companies for these records. How to add contact's associated company to a static list? On contact workflow, the trigger is one of the contact properties, but don't have a corresponding one on the company. 


Big thanks for any tips!


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Hi @Edyta7510 ,


For managing associated companies, we may have to setup company workflow using enrollment criteria on contact object and based on that you can bifurcate your list to spam companies where at least 1 contact is marked as Spam. 

We would recommend using separate static lists for Spam/non-spam. 



Hope this workaround helps you!



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