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Hi guys, 


I need your help with a workflow I am currently creating which seems to be not working. Long story short, there is a contact form on our webiste and ideally when people fill it in, a deal will be created in a specific pipeline. So what I did is using form submission as a trigger and the action is creating a deal. Unfortunately it seems that no deals are created when I submit a form.  It says the workflow has 2 total enrollment (from the 2 tests) but no active enrollments. What does that mean? Have you experienced such problem?

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Two total enrollments and no active means that two people have passed through the logic, and have left the workflow, hence no active enrolled.

The history tab in the workflow will show you the actions completed for the two tests.


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Hi Mike, 


Thanks a lot for the help! I will have a look at the history and see why they're leaving the workflow. 


Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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Hi KalinaV, 


It may also be worth it to check in the 'Unenrollment and suppression' tab in the workflow settings, as well as the 'Set Goals' section to confirm that there are no settings that may be removing the contacts from the workflow. 


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@KalinaV : Can you share a screenshot of the workflow ( I'll try to replicate it on my portal and see if I face the same issue) :
-  enrollment critera  
-  subsequent action to create a deal

Also can you share the link to the form you are using. I'll try totest it out on my end

Sometimes its a simple issue of cache. Maybe try logging out of your system and clearing out your cookies and then see if the new deals start showing up. 

Hope this helps
Thank you.
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