Workflow decision step that branches according to number of emails opened


Hey HS Community! I've written a nurture workflow of 7+ emails. For the last step I'm trying to branch people off into two groups:

1.  None or 1 email in the nuture flow was opened

2.  2 - 5 emails were opened

3.  5+ emails were opened

Since there are 7 separate emails and the workflow is continuously running, I'm struggling to figure out this branching step. Currently I have a step near the start of the flow that creates a date I can use for the first branch:
1. 'Last marketing email open date is after X property date' = Y

But 2-5 and 5+ are proving near on impossible, because if I go email by email it becomes the possible combos of emails to cover all bases, rather than the cumulative opens across the set of 7. I hit the same snag when I try to cut it by list...ideas are welcome! 

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Hi @EGJade 


You would probably have more luck working with a calculated property that is incremented each time an email in the workflow is opened. 


There are risks/challenges with this, however, whichever way you do it - especially since email opens can happen anytime after you send, not just immediately, and they are not 100% reliable signals.


Hope this helps?

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies

Thanks Phil, I've never used HS Calculation fields, but it seems I may be hitting the same problem with them. 
Given they are rolling generic values they could apply to any workflow and not all calculations allow you to use Contact information. I would settle for two or more opens of emails in the flow, so I'm not too worried on the accuracy. It may be that a score property is the way to go...Could you shed any light on the below examples?

Example 1: If I want to find out how long someone spent in Nurture (as there are steps that affect the timing of sends that signal engagement) I can do time between a field changed at the start of the workflow and the last sequence end date. But because these aren't talking to a specific field change result or a specific workflow, I'm assuming they can be overwritten by the next field change and another workflow ending - correct?   

Example 2: If I want to group contacts who complete a workflow into those that have opened 2+ or 4+ emails from a workflow (signalling different levels of engagement) is there any way to avoid creating ALL potential combinations in a score or list view? 

Thanks - any help appreciated!