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Workflow Using Properties from Two Objects

We are trying to create a workflow that makes use of two (2) objects:
  • Contacts
  • Licenses (a custom object)
The purpose of this workflow is to send emails to contacts based on the Expiration Date of their associated License (License custom object).
Accessing properties from both objects for the trigger criteria does not seem to be an issue. The issues start to occur when we start setting up actions.There are a couple of actions that are vital to the workflow:
  • Delays
  • Setting contacts as marketing contacts
If we set the workflow up as a Contact-based workflow we can set as marketing contact without issue. Of course, this makes sense because it’s Contact-based. We cannot, however, set a delay based on a date property (Expiration Date, specifically) in the license object. The only date properties that are available to us are those related to the contact.
Now, if we set the workflow up as a License-based workflow we can set the delay without issue, but we can not set the associated contact as a marketing contact.
Has anyone experienced anything similar? Ideally we’d like to keep a Contact-based workflow, but I realize that may not be possible.Just wondering…
  • Is there a way to set a contact as a marketing contact using a custom code module?
  • Is there a way to create/mimic a delay using a custom code module?
Or maybe there is something else we’re missing. We have our object associations set up, so I don’t think there’s any issue there. Also, we don’t want to write to a custom contact property because a contact can have several/many licenses and that could get messy.
I appreciate any feedback and/or advice.
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Thought Leader | Elite Partner

Workflow Using Properties from Two Objects

Hello @Makynen 

We can solve this by creating 2 different workflow (contact based and License based) in the contact based workflow we can convert the contact into a marketing contact if they are associated with the Licence and update one property and then create a second licence based workflow check the updated property in a trigger and setup the criteria. Try this and if any confusion let me know.

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Community Manager

Workflow Using Properties from Two Objects

Hello @Makynen thank you for posting in our Community!

I want to invite our top experts to share their feedback/advice on this. @himanshurauthan @Olivia_Bagnall @ndwilliams3 any feedback for @Makynen on how to create this workflow?


Thank you,


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