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I am trying to create a workflow whereby everytime a deal's "close date" is within 90 days - a task is created for a specific user.


I've noticed that for some reason I cant set this as a rolling date in a deal (e.g. When "Close Date" is less than 90 days from today.) but in some properties (e.g. some contact properties) i can have a rolling date? Am I missing something or can somebody please help me?


I am currently using the Sales Pro licence.





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Hi @DanielAtEdumate  There are actually two Close Date properties available to you. One belonging to the Contact property group, and the other belonging to the deal Property group. The Close Date property in the deal group does not have a Rolling date or Less than operator, however, you can use Less Than > 90 days  with the Close Date property from the Contact Property group. 


Keep in mind though, that the Close Date property from the Contact group will enroll the contact associated with the deal, not the deal itself. So if you want to assign a task to the owner, you will be assigning a task to the contact owner, not the deal owner. 


Does this make sense?


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I'm running into a situation where I want to notify my Sales team they have a deal that is set to close "today" and trying to use the Deal "close date" which can be a future date and the Contact "close date" which is the date the deal was moved to closed won. 


So how can we use the deal "closed won" property to trigger an equal-to today on rolling bases?




Over a year and no response from the moderator? 


I feel like a today() function would be super helpful as I too am trying to create triggers based on the date. 

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Hi @anthonylin,


Do you mind sharing more information around what you are looking to accomplish and what you've tried so far? 


The more information, screenshots and details you provide the better the Community can assist.


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Here's what we're using to remind a sales rep when a Close Date on a Deal is reached.


Set up a workflow where the enrollment trigger is "Close Date is less than 1 day from now." When the trigger is reached, create a task with a reminder to the sales rep.  Here's the workflow:


Reminder to follow up on overdue deal   HubSpot.png


Hope that helps!