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Workflow Automation Triggered on Activity

Hi All,


I'm trying to create a workflow when a particular Activity occurs, but struggling to get the right enrollment trigger. 

Workflow Goal:

As a Customer Service team I would like a Ticket to be automatically created when a customer leaves a voicemail so that I am aware a customer has tried to contact us

Current setup:

We have an integration with Aircall, which automatically logs a Call against a Contact record. A Call is also logged when a customer leaves a voicemail (no Outcome, Duration = 0):


aircall voicemail activity.JPG


I have created a Contact-based workflow, the enrollment trigger for Activities is set as "At least one associated Activity has ...." with a couple of rules based on how Aircall creates the Acitivity (e.g. Call notes contains any of "Voicemail" and Call duration (ms) is equal to 0, etc). However, this enrolls all Contacts who have ever left a voicemail (not just once every time a voicemail is left):


aircall voicemail workflow enrollment.JPG


For the same reason, I cannot use Activities for re-enrollement (because you would constantly be re-enrolled, having "at least one associated Activity....") . I would like a trigger that could re-enroll as a Contact may leave several voicemails over their time with us, and I'd like to workflow to run each time.


Essentially, rather than a Contact having "at least one associated Actitivty" I would like the enrollment to happen when, and everytime, a specific Activity is logged.


When performing tests by forcing enrollment, the rest of the workflow behaves as desired - so my preferred first option is to resolve the enrollment trigger.


Please note, there are very limited settings in the Hubspot / Aircall integration, so workflows (or other Hubspot functionality) are also preferred.


Request for Ideas:

First, can someone confirm that my understanding of the Activity enrollment triggers is correct and I'm not missing something obvious?!


Beyond that, I'd really appreciate some pointers on the enrollment triggers, but would also be open to other solution suggestions.





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Workflow Automation Triggered on Activity

Hi guys, 


Pretty awesome to see the variety of workflows being created with HubSpot!


If you are open to exploring alternative solutions, check out Cradle on the below link.


Cradle has a number of custom properties to broaden the enrollment triggers as well as allowing for re-enrollments into workflows which should cover all the above issues raised. 





Workflow Automation Triggered on Activity

Same usecase for me too.

@webdew@Alex_  @Joe-Kelp  can you have a look at it ?

Participant | Elite Partner
Participant | Elite Partner

Workflow Automation Triggered on Activity

We have the exact same use case! We would like to have a ticket created every time an Aircall activity gets logged on the contact record.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Workflow Automation Triggered on Activity

Hey @dougroberts 


Thank you for the detailed information. I'll tag a few experts that we can learn from them


Hey @webdew @Alex_ @Joe-Kelp what would you advise in this case?





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