Workaround for capturing "email not sent"

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Has anyone found a way to build a workflow that can send internal notifications when a contact has not been sent an email from a different workflow?

We have a workflow that works in conjunction with our sales team. Once a lead fills out a form, the team sends them some emails to deliver what the lead requested from said form. Sometimes those emails are not sent due to the email address being wrong or a variety of other reasons. I'm looking for a way to automatically notify them when this occurs. I can set up triggers for if the email bounces, or fails to deliver, but I can't find a way to capture if it was never sent at all. If someone has found a way to configure something like this, I would greatly appreciate the insight!

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Hi @cminear 


This is indeed something not possible at the moment with HubSpot to have notification for not sent emails, however I can see how it could be useful, so I invite you to upvote this idea on our Ideas forum. It is the main platform for communicating feature requests to our Product Team. You have more information on how this forum works here


Thank you.
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