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Hi there - 


I am trying to build a workflow where, when a deal is moved into the 'Closed Lost' stage, an email is automatically sent out to the contact on the lost deal with a survey. 


A few questions: 


1. When building the workflow, would the enrollmenmt criteria be as simple as when deal stage = Closed Lost, the email goes out? 


2. If there are multiple contacts associated with a deal, who will get the email? Will it go out to all? Is it possible to build in some functionality so our sales team is able to choose who gets the email? 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @sskurdah


That's a really great idea. 


A simple starting criteria like you describe should work fine as a contact would have to have a deal for it to be possible to go to closed lost.


If there are multiple contacts on the deal, I imagine all would get the email. 


You can't add functionality to 'choose' but I have used properties to categorise contacts at a company so that one contact is the 'Leader'. If you had such a property, you could add this to your starting criteria for the workflow. 


Hope this helps.

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I 100% agree with Phil, and to add on, be sure to add a time delay to the beginning of the workflow if your sales team changes the status of a lead fairly quickly. 


i.e. It would be quite odd to go through a sales process, deny the sales person, and then get an email survey within an hour about the company. Smiley Happy 

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Hello, did you ever get this workflow created?  We are looking to do the same thing and it would be great to hear how you did it!