When Did My Property Value Update? [Keeping Track of Property Changes with a Workflow]

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The ‘Set property value’ action on a workflow can be an incredibly useful tool to log the date of change on a specific property.


Similar to the ‘Became a [lifecycle stage] date’ properties, you can create a custom date property  corresponding to the original property that you would like to log. After which, you can create a workflow to set that date value. 


Part 1: Create Custom Date Property

  1. Follow the steps here to create a custom date property
  2. You’ll want to create a date property that matches your original property’s record type.  
  3. In this example, both properties are contact properties -I've created a property ‘Example Property Last Updated’ to correspond to my original property ‘Example Property’:

create custom date propertycreate custom date property


Part 2: Create Corresponding Workflow 

  1. Create a workflow from scratch. Your workflow type should correspond to the property type you’re looking to log the date for - I’ve created a contact-based workflow. 
  2. Set the enrollment trigger to ‘[Property Name] is known’ - this will enroll the record whenever this property value is updated.  

    set property enrollment triggerset property enrollment trigger

  3. If you would like to update the date property whenever the property value is updated (and not just the first time), click the re-enrollment tab in the enrollment triggers sidebar and enable re-enrollment based on ‘[Property Name] is known’.

    set workflow re-enrollment triggersset workflow re-enrollment triggers

  4. Add the ‘Set property value’ action and select your new custom date property. 

    set property value actionset property value action

  5. Select the option for ‘Date of step’ - this will update the property to the date that the record enrolls into the workflow.

    configure 'set property value' actionconfigure 'set property value' action


When you’re ready, turn on the workflow - it will enroll records whenever the corresponding property value is updated and log the date to the


Please note: 

  • When enabling the workflow, you will want to choose the option ‘No, only enroll contacts who meet the trigger criteria after turning the workflow on’. If not, all existing records enrolled will have a date property corresponding to when the workflow was turned on, rather than the actual date of update.    

    review workflow stepreview workflow step

  • This guide will also only work for new properties and property updates moving forward.
  • You can also use this guide to log the date when a specific property value was met. For example, rather than using the enrollment trigger '[Property Name] is known', you can use '[Property Name] is any of [specified property value]'.


Hope this helps! 

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