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If I want to base a workflow around the date of a webinar and have reminders sent out who signed up 5 days before, 24 hours before, and one hour before. I'm new to workflows and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations or best practices with something like this?

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Hi @SSANDERS! You can absolutely base workflows around a webinar date. 


A good start is to create an Active List, especially if there is more than one way to register > Form Submission = has filled out ABC Webinar  OR  GoToWebinar = has registered for ABC webinar.


Then create a workflow *centered on a date* and follow these steps:

  • enrollment trigger > List Membership > Member of ABC Webinar List
  • Specify a date > the date of your webinar
  • Delay schedule and timing > 5 days before webinar
  • Send email > reminder email #1
  • Delay schedule and timing > 1 day before webinar
  • Send email > reminder email #2

See example below:





Good luck!


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This is super helpful, thanks for the visual! It looks pretty straightforward so I'll give this a go. 🙂

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@SSANDERS you got this!!!

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Emma - I didn't know I needed this, but I do. Thanks! It's simply brilliant in all the ways,

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