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Use workflows and lead scoring to automate your lead qualification

With HubSpot, you can scale your lead qualification processes to better identify your most qualified leads. When a contact surpasses a certain score, you can trigger a workflow to set off a series of actions.


In HubSpot, you have access to a few properties that help you qualify your contacts and determine who is most engaged in your marketing and sales efforts:



Please note: with effect from September 7, 2018, the Predictive lead score property and Lead rating property have been succeeded by the Likelihood to close and Contact priority properties. After December 21, 2018, the Predictive Lead Score property and Lead rating property will no longer update, although historical data for the properties will remain in your account. 


  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automation > Workflows.
  • In the upper right, click Create workflow.
  • In the left panel, select Contact-based workflow, then in the right panel, select Start from scratch.
  • Enter a name for the workflow, then click Create workflow
  • Click Set enrollment triggers. In this example, only contacts with a HubSpot score between 10 and 30, and a Lifecycle stage that is not equal to Customer, will be enrolled.  ikb-lead-qualification-workflow
  • Click the plus icon + to add an action to the workflow. 
  • In the Choose an action panel, select Set contact property value.
  • Click the Contact property dropdown menu and select Lifecycle stage
  • Click the Enter new property value dropdown menu and select Marketing Qualified Lead
  • Click Save. 
  • Click the Settings tab and review your workflow settings. Click Save after making any changes. 
  • Once you're ready to start enrolling contacts, in the top right click Review. Review your workflow steps and settings, then click Activate

All non-customer contacts with a score of 10 - 30 will be updated to a lifecycle stage of Marketing Qualified Lead.


Repeat the steps above to create a second workflow to identify your sales qualified leads. This time, enroll contacts whose HubSpot score is greater than 30 and whose lifecycle stage is not equal to Customer


Then add an action to set their contact property Lifecycle stage to Sales Qualified Lead


You can continue to build out your automation to meet the needs of your business. Once you have a better idea of your most qualified leads, you’ll want to continue engaging them and add contextual content to get them closer to closing as customers. You may want to check the health of your workflow to make sure that contacts successfully enrolled.


If you have additional questions, reach out to the HubSpot Community

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