Unable to import into a static list?

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Just today the dropdown to import into a static list has become greyed out for me. I have superadmin status so there shouldn't be any permission issue involved with this. I first wanted to add new contacts to a current list and then I tried creating a whole new list and importing contacts that way. In both cases the button was greyed out. What could cause this to happen and how can I fix it? 


Thank you!Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 1.56.02 PM.png

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Hey there @dallisking! Thanks for posting about this in the community.


Within the new Lists UI, the "Import into list" function is no longer available. The new method to use as a workaround here would be to use an Active list, import your CVS files, then adapt this Active list to include the enrollment of these imports. To do this within the list, you'll choose the enrollment trigger of Import then search for your import title.


We understand that with UI changes like this many features are shuffled, improved upon, or depreciated due to the overall changes made to the tool. If you're interested, I'd love to see any feedback you have on this submitted to the Ideas Forum--we've had lots of great product improvements thanks to helpful tips from our customers through this site.