Slack notification doesn't work for company properties

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I've created a HubSpot form for my colleagues. The idea is to fill in a form about a company we work with. So all form fields are made of company properties. This form then goes to our SMM specialist to make a post.


By completing the form, we fill in our database about companies while notifying the next responsible person. However, when I go to workflow and set up "Send to Slack", it only shows contact properties. But my form doesn't have contact properties.




Why is it this way and is there a workaround? I am aware of API connectors like Zapier, but I thought it'd be possible inside HubSpot.

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Hi @Osnovyanenko,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

It's my understanding that you would like to include company-level properties in your slack notifications.


We do have two options in regards to this:


1. You could create a Company Based workflow rather than a Contact Based workflow. Workflows will pull properties into the slack based on how they were set up. A company based workflow allows you to send company properties via slack.


2. You could create custom contact properties to store company information and then run a workflow to copy the company property values over to the custom contact properties. This way you can leave the workflow as a Contact Based workflow as these company properties are now stored in custom contact properties.


I hope this helps!


Mia, Community Team


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