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I have been setting up the workflow for the chat feature and I have a few questions:


We have one person handling all the chats.  When a current customer starts chatting online, is there anyway for the rep handling that account (not the one handling all the chats) to be notified?  Can we set up an automatically created task?

Can we see a history of what pages the person chatting was looking at prior to clicking the chat button?

If the primary person is already chatting with someone, what happens if a new person wants to chat?  Do we get any signal that the primary is currently chatting and the back up should start chatting?

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Community Manager

Hi @APCJon,


I wanted to share this resource which answers a few of the questions you're wondering about. 


You can route chats to the contact owner as long as the browser is cookied and the contact has an owner. In regards to seeing their page views, their page views will show on their contact record (for more information, see here).


If you have any other questions, please let us know.


Thank you,




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