Set a date property 1 year after another date property


I need to set some actions regarding membership site access. Our customers get one year of access to the membership portal and we need to trigger actions outside of HS based on a date 365 days later.


Our sales reps set the day that someone starts paying for our service, and I want that field to automatically trigger another date field to hold a date that's 365 days later.

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As far as I can tell, this isn't currently possible in HubSpot ( and


Depending on your use case, you could create a workflow that delays 365 days and then sends an email to the account rep and does a date stamp when that actual expiration takes place. A Calculate field based on a date isn't currently an option (only number fields at this time).


Or it looks like you could use Zapier to do the formula for you.


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That's the same solution we considered, but we have a "you've got 2 weeks!" banner in our membership portal that needs to trigger off of the field, while also holding that 365 days date for other things.


I'll look into Zapier more, thanks for the recommendation!

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Hi @slogans, This is tricky since date calculation fields are not yet available, but I have 2 possible solutions for the 2 week reminders:
1. As suggested by @jvionas , adjust the dealys on the workflow by first sending the 2 week reminder  at a dealy of 351 days and then the email to the account rep and a date stamp when that actual expiration takes place after a delay of another 14 days. 

2.  Can you have your sales rep manually fill in the "next year" date ( or the renewal date ) in a property on Hubspot, either instead of the "subscription start date" or in addition to the start date. You can then build your "2 weeks remaining" workflow based on that date field and the expiration email too. 

Hope this helps
Thank you.
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This is a simple solution:

Just call the day that someone starts paying is "date picker property A".
And another date field to hold a date that's 365 days later is "date picker property B"

You just need to set a workflow:

Trigger: Property A is known.
Then delay the next action for 365 days.

Set contact property value (Contact property choose Property B, new property value choose "Date of step").

The problem with this workflow that you need to wait 1 year late for Hubspot to auto-fill the Property B.

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These are all great suggestions! Thank you for sharing @AM8@jvionas@woody 🙂