Send email to contact upon site revisit. Best practices, workflow example?

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I'd like to shoot a quick email to a known contact (or perhaps Lead) when they revisit the website. Something like:

"Hey (name), I saw you visited the site recently. If you have any questions I can answer let's chat. Here's my calendar to pick a time. (contact owners' meeting link)

Signed (Contact owner)

Any workflow examples like that? What do I need to keep in mind, to make sure they don't get an email for every visit in a day?

I'm aware the sales team can set up revisit notifications, but we wanted an automated quick touch to go out immediately, while the contact is spending cycles thinking about us.

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Hi @donrua ,
I am afraid we don't have any such poperty 'revisit a page' to trigger our workflow. Only page videw prperties are these: that you can use in the workflow.
However, I like this idea of sending automated email if a visitor visit my website more then once. I will advice you to out this in the idea section of the community: HubSpot Community - Ideas - HubSpot Community

Hope this helps!

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I don't think I focused on "page". I mentioned site revisit. If Hubspot can tell me how many sessions someone has, then can't I trigger off of "session equals two" or something like that? Each session should represent a distinct website visit, shouldn't it?

I posted the orig question to the idea forum. Thanks for that suggestion.


As hubspot tracks visitors to your sites, I think this should be fairly easy. 


I am not sure what the exact property would be, but if you could 1) create that email (X email)  2) set the enrollment/re-enrollment logic to something like "has visited our site in today (with whatever tracking property it is that measures that), this week, whatever" AND "has not recieved X email within say 7 days/30 days (or whatever frequency modulation you want) to prevent them from recieving it multiple times in one day, I think that should work?