Send an external communication email via workflow setting the vendor of a product as a recipient

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Hi everyone! I just noticed a change in HubSpot: when you try to send an external communication email via workflow, you cannot set anymore the email address of the recipient. How can I notify, via HubSpot, a vendor email address about an his own product order every time it happens in an eCommerce with multiple vendors? I would like to send just the information about the sold product and not about the buyer. Any ideas or workaround here? Thank you in advance!

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Hi @Ignazio,


For adding more contacts or to send this mail to more people you have to work on the trigger of that workflow. It is totally based on the trigger you select. As many of the contacts matching your trigger conditions, they will receive that mail.

For sending mail notification to vendors, I would suggest you identify any unique property which gets updated when any product is sold. Now on the basis of this property update, you can create a list for identifying respective vendors. Make sure your vendor contacts are present in HubSpot. Then create a regular mail and select this vendor list in the email edit section of send and schedule option. This also can be done through workflow, if you explain to me more I can help you better in this case.


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Hi @himanshurauthan  and thank you for your kindenss and support!


I’ll try to explain better my usecase. 

I receive an order in my custom ecommerce, so the data about the order (deal and contact) are pushed in HubSpot.

Now I would like to notify the product manufacturer about the fact that he/she has to build the product (every product sold inside the ecommerce is custom) with the specifications from the HubSpot deal.


Do you see any simple way to do so?


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