Selecting Contacts in List does not add recipients to Email Campaign

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I've created a list from an import. It displays (54) contacts in the list, but when I add this list to my email marketing campaign, the recipients total is 0. You can see the attached screenshot.


My other lists work, just not this one I've recently added.




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Hi @kgrowney 


Behind that dropdown list, do you have 'don't send to disengaged contacts' ticked? If so, this could be reducing your recipients count - and if so, unchecking it would send the email to all 54 contact. 


Not 100% sure, but could be the explanation. 

Hope this helps.

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Hi Kevin,


I'd check a couple things on this one:


(1) Is the box checked that says "Don't send to unengaged contacts"? 

(2) Can these contacts be found on an opt out list anywhere? It's unlikely that all 54 unsubscribed but I would double check that.



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Also I would go into a few of the contacts to see if they are listed as " Bounced Globaly"

Daniel Bleichman
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