SMS Alert to salesperson when a Contact Us form is filled


Our Contact Us form has the following required fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone, City, State and Zip Code.


We have about 50 salespersons throughout the USA.  So, when a prospect filled up a contact us form, we like to alert our sales rep via SMS (using 3rd party provider such as Sakari Texting, etc.).  We are thinking to use the matching criteria is based on zip code.


Can it be done?

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Hi @RPramana,


You don't even necessarily need a third party solution for this. HubSpot workflows (available in Professional and Enterprise subscriptions) have an action "Send internal SMS", see below. To access this action, click on the + sign anywhere in the workflow and find "Send internal SMS" in the right sidebar.



This is what a workflow could look like. A few notes:

- Make sure to select re-enrollment for contacts.

- You would create an if/then branch for each person to be notified.




The setup would unfortunately be a bit laborious. Each sales rep would have to get their own workflow branch. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere with this.


It doesn't sound like you have contact assignment set up yet, you could potentially include that here as well:




Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Hi @RPramana ,

I can see that you are on an enterprise license so you don't have to go for any third party app.  This is possible through contact based workflows with the trigger, Form Submission.  




@karstenkoehler  has created a beautiful workflow that should work for you.

Hope this helps!

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