Property values in emails, multiples internal values

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I feel like this should have an answer (though it may not), but I just can't see it at the moment. Here's the problem we're trying to solve:

  • Notify an internal employee they've been assigned to a conference, with reminder internal emails at 60 and 30 days prior.

What I've done is set up a multiple checkbox property with each of our upcoming conferences listed. When someone is assigned to a conference, they are enrolled into two workflows with automated emails, one to notify them of the assignment and the second being based on the date of the conference start. 


I have the property value in the automated emails so the recipient knows what they've been assigned to. However, since we have a smaller staff who attend multiple conferences, the value lists all of the conferences they're assigned to attend. I'd like to avoid that, if possible, and would even change up the property format if needed, though I don't want to set up individual properties for each conference, unless absolutely  necessary. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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Hey @dvparrothead,


Outside of a contact property for each date, you could go with an approach similar to this thread:


Looks like you could have some conditionals on if "Conference date is equal to 1/1/2020" then show, rich text A, etc.