Possible Bug In Manual Lead Scoring

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I have had this happen over and over in Chrome.


Note: This only seems to impact Positive Attributes, Negative Attributes perform as expected.

I click "add a new set"

Create my new attribute

Hit save

Go back to add another set

It then allows me to add the filters I want, but hitting "done" doesn't do anything (nothing gets recorded or saved).

Only way to add a new set at that point is to refresh the page or go to another page and come back

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Hey @Hubspotting101


Are you still experiencing this issue? I am unable to recreate this on my end and want to ensure I am setting it up the same way. Can you please send along screenshots or a video of what you're seeing? 


Additionally, does this issue persist for multiple users, in multiple browsers, and across multiple wifi networks? I want to isolate the issue as much as possible to best advise on next steps. 


Thank you,

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It seemed to have resolved itself.   I tried multiple times, going in and out of HS etc. and it was doing the same thing over and over the day I posted.  If it happens again I will post some screen shots.